Custom Metal & Wooden Buildings in North Carolina

We provide custom portable buildings, metal garages, and carports designed with precision and fabricated at the highest quality. 

Our team of experienced building consultants will be glad to assist you with the design, pricing and construction of the perfect structure to fit your needs and budget. Let’s get started today and have your building installed as soon as possible. Click the button above to start creating your own design.

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We are proud to offer the Old Hickory Buildings Brand of wooden barns and sheds. Old Hickory Buildings has been producing top quality buildings since 1997. We are in the top 10 out of over 800 dealers in North America. We’ve earned the Million Dollar Club award each year since 2017.

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With Upgrade financing, qualified buyers can get the lowest monthly payment available.  Often customers can get monthly payments around $10 per $1000 borrowed.  That's a tremendously powerful way to get the building you want with payments you can afford. Along with no payments for 3 month and other options, Hinton Buildings and Upgrade can help you get the building you want and need.

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We Provide 5-Star Customer Service & Products

We work closely with our customers to provide them with the best customer service in the business. We normally start by meeting a prospective customer in person at one of our sales locations or chatting with them on the phone or online. We ask many questions regarding the purpose of the building, the size requirement and any space restrictions that limit the size.

Our team of experienced building consultants will then provide some design suggestions and begin to create a 3D model of the building proposal. Once we’ve narrowed down the basic design, we go over the optional features for each building style. After the customer has made all the design decisions, we will be able to provide the customer with an exact written and professionally organized quote for their review. If multiple quotes are required, it’s not a problem for our team to create alternate versions of the building.

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4.7/5 stars


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Hinton Buildings FAQs

What are the benefits of a custom metal building?

Investing in a custom metal building offers many advantages that few other construction methods can match. Metal buildings are strong, durable, and extremely versatile – perfect for nearly any application or need.

One of the primary benefits is how cost-effective they are. Steel is much less expensive than traditional building materials such as lumber and brick, providing greater savings on upfront costs. Additionally, since metal buildings are faster to construct and require less labor than traditional structures, you can save even more money by avoiding additional labor costs associated with other forms of construction. The speed of installation also saves you time which helps you stay focused on your goals rather than worrying about the timeline of completing your project.

Another advantage is that custom metal buildings feature superior reliability when compared to conventional options like wood or brick structures. Steel holds up better over long periods of time due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion from harsh weather conditions like rain and snowfall. In addition to requiring little maintenance over their lifespan, steel’s low thermal conductivity ensures that it will not suffer from drafts due to rapid changes in temperature – making them ideal for areas with extreme climates where other materials may struggle in comparison.

Why should I get a carport for my house?

Getting a carport for your house is an excellent decision that will benefit you in numerous ways. From improved protection to aesthetic additions, the advantages of having a carport are plentiful.

One key reason to get a carport for your house is the robust protection it provides against inclement weather conditions and harmful UV rays during sunny days. A covered space helps protect your vehicle from environmental hazards like hail storms, snow accumulation, and heavy rains. This reduces wear and tear on cars due to extreme temperatures and helps maintain their quality over time. It also prevents rusting paint that can be caused by exposure to rain or excessive sunlight—thus increasing the lifespan of vehicles parked in it.

Are metal carports durable?

Absolutely, metal carports are incredibly durable! For one, metal is a highly resistant material that can stand up to even the toughest of elements—rain, snow, wind, and more. Its toughness makes it well suited for outdoor use, including as a carport. In fact, many steel structures can withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour (mph)!

On top of its sheer strength and resilience in harsh weather conditions, metal carports have additional features designed for added durability. For instance, many offer an extra layer of protection in the form of galvanized steel frames—a process that coats the frame with zinc oxide to make it rust-resistant. Additionally, many models feature legs made from treated lumber that are not only strong but also decay-resistant over time.

Metal carports also provide superior protection from UV rays due to their thick coating or finish that won’t fade or chip away over time as some other materials might. This means they will stay looking new and protected from wear year after year when exposed to direct sunlight or exposure to moisture. Overall these durable designs mean substantial savings on repair costs that you could otherwise incur with traditional wood structures which require considerable maintenance over time compared to those made of metal!